Come to us in worship, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Photo by Roger Lynn

Tune: Slane, an old Irish folk tune (Be thou my vision).  You can listen here.
  Try it out a couple times, as the words do fit beautifully.

Come to us in worship
Bring us closer to you
And as our voices rise
Your love shines through
Your gifts to us encourage
Your power makes us strong
Your life gives us courage
Now to you we belong

Come to us in visions
Set a template for love
How we live our lives
Reflecting above
Let our prayers lead to actions
That reach out to show
How we are connected to
How your family can grow

Come, hear the longing
The prayers on our hearts
And as we meet with you
Your mercy starts
Your vision being shown to us
Opens our eyes
To grace in abundance
And a love that can’t die

Come let us be witnesses
Proud to declare
Your love includes all
It is given to share
Your arms are always open
Your words remain true
Our prayer and praise offered up
Bring us closer to you

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