Commissioning Services

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Commission: to order or authorize (a person or organization) to do or produce something.

Oxford on-line Dictionary

What words do we use?
What feelings do we express?
What covenants do we articulate?
How do we articulate hopes and dreams?

The gathered church often demonstrates its inter-connectedness and care through rituals in which the congregation ‘commissions’ an individual or group to undertake a specific task.

More than ‘order’ or ‘authorize’, these services are a public act of affirmation and support. They provide an opportunity to articulate a mutual covenant between those commissioning and those being commissioned regarding the activity being undertaken.

Commissioning services might be held for:

  • a youth group undertaking a mission project
  • a member commencing seminary studies
  • an artist or group of artists working to create an item for the worship area
  • young adults moving away to undertake university studies
  • a group departing on a mission trip
  • church leaders or teachers commencing a period of service
  • a group, tasked to a specific responsibility, e.g. a search committee commissioned to select a ministerial candidate

Commissioning Services:



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