Our world

What words do we use when we pray for our world? 

How do we verbalize the pain and suffering of the people, the creatures, the land?

How do we respond to natural disasters and violence created by people?

How do we celebrate new beginnings, restored relationships, future possibilities?


global-ministries-logoA prayer each week highlights an area of our world in greatest need.

Click here to read and access these timely and relevant prayers written by staff and missionaries serving Global Ministries (a joint ministry of the United Church of Christ USA and the Christian Church – Disciples of Christ, USA).

A related photo and related lectionary reading are also posted.

An example:

Prayers for Kenya: 
Lord, have mercy on us.

Help us stand together in the fight against violence.

We are all Africans and we share the same destiny.

As we approach elections, we pray for peace and love to one another.

Destroy the sins of division and the hatred within us.

Heal the wounded hearts and grant peace to our people.

river-colorado-thandiweRenewing god,

we pray for a new spirit of care

to branch out across the earth,

that all nations might act for your creation

in silencing the roar of the chainsaw

in extinguishing the burning of the forests

in purging the pollution of the air

in conserving valuable energy

in stemming the tide of pollution

that our destruction may be transformed

into the spring of new life


We pray for the well being of all creation

in this and future generations.

Creator God,

we know that life will not be saved by signing papers,

but by responsible actions.

Help us each to make our contribution to the future of your world.


David, a member of Church and Society in the United Reformed Church, wrote this prayer for the Earth Summit, June 1992

Photo:  Colorado waters, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

School mural, Greytown, New Zealand

Operation Noah –‘faith motivated, science informed and hope inspired’

Operation Noah, an ecumenical Christian UK charity provides resources responding to ‘the growing threat of catastrophic climate change endangering God’s creation.’ True to their self-definition as ‘an inclusive group,’ there are usually two versions of each resource available: one incorporating inclusive language and imagery and a second using more traditional terminology.
Liturgical resources include:

1. ‘A simple service (or part of a service) to pray for the effectiveness of ‘Climate change and the purposes of God’ in enabling the Church to speak out with a clear voice on the issue of climate change.’

2. Creation-themed prayers, responsive and illustrated psalms, calls to worship, collects, communion prayers and blessings


Operation Noah liturgical resources


We ask that when we are tired and weary and longing for rest,

you come and provide for us.

When we cannot find your peace in our country and long for your blessing,

provide for us.

As we join the great circle of prayer with all the saints,

we ask you to come into our lives.

When there seems to be no hope,

Jesus you are our hope and our future.



reprinted from Commitment for Life, United Reformed Church in Great Britain


Prayer for Oneness — Sonia Ross, USA

Dear God of all, grant us understanding of our brothers and sisters worldwide. Plant in us the seed of oneness. Nourish us with your love and grace so that we may live God-like in our interactions with those who are different from us. Grant us the ability to recognize the spirit and sameness that unites […]

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God of righteous anger, a prayer — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

This prayer has been written in response to the cover-up of sexual abuse revealed within the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania USA.  Items italicized might need to be updated to be more relevant to today’s worship. God of righteous anger and holy healing, We pray for our world For Ireland and Pennsylvania and Roman Catholics […]

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Eco-Church Songs

Songs for Earth Sunday and Season of Creation are here! George Stuart writes inclusive language lyrics to use with familiar tunes. Have a look on George’s website (click here) for numerous songs focusing on God in creation/nature, the environment and our stewardship thereof. Each song has a link to listen to the tune.  George has created […]

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Prayer response to violence, 1 John 4:20

Adapted from a prayer written by Revd Terri Hord Owens, USA, originally forged in response to peaceful demonstrations and violent response in Charlottesville, North Carolina USA. God of Love, our hearts break at the violence in our world, the loss of life, the dishonoring of children of God, the vile insults hurled and the wounds of […]

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Communion in a Time of Dread (hymn) — Jim Burklo, USA

  Tune: Sursum Corda  (How Like a Gentle Spirit) (Use freely, with attribution)       One truck delivers us our wine and bread Another swerves and leaves our children dead One driver sings a hymn of love and life Another chants a call to holy strife   One phone is used to set […]

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Prayer following a bombing — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Holy God, Today we pray for the people of (area effected by bombings)… For parents whose children will never return, For children, youth and young adults whose safe world has been shattered, For first responders who arrived on the scene To care for the injured, the traumatised, the deceased. Gracious God, We give thanks for courage and […]

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Day for Syria 21/09

Day of Action and Prayer for Syria & Peace 21 September What words can express the horror, the sadness, the hope, the truth? Newest ‘Day for Syria’ posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Day for Syria’ resources . . . Words to help us face the situation in Syria…    

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Prayer — Farai Chirisa, Zimbabwe

God, we give you thanks for sending Jesus to give us life. In the midst of wealth we are crushed by poverty, and while we are offered Christ-life in all its fullness, we are surrounded by disease, death and destruction. We are tempted to despair, and yet keep hoping, knowing that you care. At times we […]

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Prayer for London — Moderators of General Assembly, UK

The moderators of General Assembly (United Reformed Church in Great Britain), Alan Yates and Kevin Watson, offer a prayer for us all, in the aftermath of the attack on Westminster , London, Wednesday 22 March 2017. A prayer for the worldGod of the world, Our hearts go out to all those directly or indirectly affected by the […]

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Water, Holy Water: a blessing service — Justice Ministries, USA

This resource originates from Creation Justice Ministries USA which develops Earth Day Sunday materials each year to help congregations celebrate and care for God’s Creation.   Ready-to-print downloads: PDF – Water, Holy Water – ready-to-print download WORD – Water, Holy Water – ready-to-print download Faith Reflection “I don’t know what tallies as sacred for you […]

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The Cosmic Walk, an interactive ritual

Appropriate for Earth Day, during the Season of Creation and other services focusing on the vastness of creation. The Cosmic Walk, an inter-active ritual with actions and readings, invites participants into the story of the universe. Moving between ‘stations’ along a long rope laid out in a spiral, participants are introduced to 21 major events in the history of […]

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Earth Day Service – Sunday Morning Sustainability

A service for Earth Sunday or Season of Creation A worship experience focusing on Eco-justice Impacts and Opportunities     PDF – Earth Day Service – Sunday Morning Sustainability – ready-to-print download WORD – Earth Day Service – Sunday Morning Sustainability – ready-to-print download   Introduction Many of us have similar Sunday morning routines. They […]

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Intercessory prayers — adapted from Christian Aid resource, UK

This multi-voice responsive prayer might incorporate groups of readers or individual voices.  Group/Voice 1 states the facts about the suffering in our world.  Group/Voice 2 lifts up those taking action to improve the situation and change the world.  Group/Voice 3 voices a prayer request.   Leader:  Through our faith, we reach out to God, interceding […]

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Street Pastor Song — David Ouston, UK

Written by David while he served as Co-ordinator for the Isle of Wight Street Pastors, this song was inspired by an interaction with a young man on the streets of Ryde. This video recording might be played as an integral part of a worship service.

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Valentine for Earth, bookmarks to print — Frances Frost

What words shall we use on Valentines Day? Use Valentines Day as an excuse to express our love for our earth. These Valentine bookmarks can be distributed as Valentines or used to complement a service focusing on the earth and caring for our environment. PDF Bookmarks – Valentine for the Earth, ready-to-print   To You, My Valentine […]

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Prayers to help counter fear — Worship Ways, USA

Perfect love casts out fear.  — 1 John 4:18 Pastoral Prayer Holy One, We live in fearful times. Suicide bombers, terrorists, climate change, economic crises— these are overwhelming realities. Hold us in our fears. Sometimes candidates in elections may prey on these fears. They paint pictures of disaster—especially if we vote for their opponents. Help […]

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Season of Creation — 1 Sept – 4 Oct

During the Season of Creation, from 1 September to 4 October (Day of St. Francis of Assisi), Christians are invited to pray and care for creation. In 1989 the Orthodox Church proclaimed 1 September as a day of prayer for creation (World Day of Prayer for Creation, or Creation Day). This was embraced by the […]

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Come, shine in the darkness — Cara Heafey, UK (John 1:5)

God, you are not distant from us You came to us in vulnerability You offered yourself as a gift of love. We pray today for those who are in the midst of darkness The darkness of poverty The darkness of loneliness The darkness of grief The darkness of despair Wherever shadows threaten to overwhelm Wherever […]

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Prayer to be part of God’s story — Australia

Our God, Your living word is not static but the unfolding story of your actions in the world We pray that we would be part of that story as recipients and participants cutting across the addiction people have for the world cultural addictions of greed, of status, appearance, recognition, of voyeurism, celebrity worship, the need […]

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Prayer response to natural disaster — Christian Aid UK

Merciful God, we pray for those whose land and lives are destroyed by climate chaos, especially today in [country/area names affected current climate-related event]. We pray for those who give immediate humanitarian assistance, and for [Christian Aid / or other organisation through which the congregation supports assistance] partners who support communities in the slow and careful […]

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Prayer movement launched for a just global climate agreement

Worried about Climate Change?  Concerned for our environment?  Wanting to be a good steward of God’s creation? Join other Christians committed to pray and fast on the first day of every month to make a stand for climate justice. Pray and Fast for the Climate is supported by members of the ‘Faith for the Climate’ network […]

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Prayers for South America — World Council of Churches Prayer Cycle

We pray for Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, especially for the Programme of Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia which works to support communities affected by the Colombian conflict between government and the FARC rebels.  We pray for the farmers of the Finca Alemania co-operative and their children also affected by the current political situation.  Amen. The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle […]

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