photo by Ben Ulrich

What words do we use when we share this special meal together?

What metaphors bring meaning?  Which bring confusion?

Which traditional words draw us closer to one another and to the source of our faith?

Which create chasms or hurdles?

What words express the mystery and wonder of this event central to Christian life?

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IMG_8829As you drink of it, remember the shed blood of those who hurt, and the common blood that binds us all.

Heard in 2008 at a worship service at University Church, United Church of Christ, Seattle, Washington USA

 At the end of each section, pause to allow participants time to reflect and fill in the names of places and people as appropriate, silently or aloud, as appropriate for the group.

I cannot take bread
and forget those who are hungry….

I cannot take wine
and forget those who thirst for justice….

I cannot look at the cross
and forget those who feel abandoned by God….

I cannot hear words of peace
and forget those people and places ravaged by war….

I cannot receive words of forgiveness
and forget those against whom I hold a grudge….

I cannot celebrate the Feast of God’s Family
and forget our divisions….

I cannot look at the cross
and forget that Jesus calls me to follow….


IMG_9267Friends, come in peace for all things are now ready.

After or as the bread is distributed…
The bread of life shared with you.

After or as the juice is distributed…
The power of God shared with you.

We give thanks to you, Source of all life, that you have refreshed and renewed us with this memorial of sacrificial love. May this shared act strengthen our faith in you and increase our love toward one another.

IMG_8897Sharing of the Bread and the Cup
This is an open table: you do not have to have been baptized or be a member of this or any church to take part in this meal. We invite you to receive these gifts of life and blessing givven freely by a compassionate God.