Confession of a Class-Bound Church — Amanda Udis-Kessler, USA

A Responsive Reading (could be read by two voices)

One: Spirit of love and life, far too wildly inclusive to care what’s in our wallets,
Many: We confess that we have failed to live up to your radical generosity.
One: We have kept our religion to ourselves.
Many: We have made ourselves comfortable with worship services that serve us well and many others not at all.
One: In the name of honouring reason, we have become idolaters of the academic and the intellectual.
Many: In the name of rejecting superstition, we have set ourselves as judges of what is religiously legitimate.
One: We donate our fourth Sunday collection plates and our canned food goods
Many: And we neglect to struggle with our class privilege and power.
One: We seek diverse people in our congregations
Many: But not if their grammar is poor or they are missing teeth,
One: Not if their hands are rough or they live in a dangerous neighbourhood,
Many: Not if they fear the police more than the fundamentalists.
One: Spirit of love and life, we have not let you work in us.
Many: We still think you prefer people like us.
One: We have made you in our image.
Many: Remake us in your image.
One: Invite us into a love that truly engages us with the poor.
Many: Wake us up and call us into humble service to those in need.
One: Strengthen us to make true sacrifices in solidarity
Many: And to use our class privilege and power on behalf of true justice.
One: Let our lives be a witness, not that liberal* religion is for the well-off,
Many: But that liberal religion turns the world upside-down.

‘Liberal’ in the American religious context refers to religion that is neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘fundamental’.  Usually includes elements of open-mindedness, progressive thought and freedom from confining dogma.

Click on the link to explore Amanda’s website: Amanda Udis-Kessler’s liturgical work.   Amanda’s second website, Queer Sacred Music, includes songs she has composed.

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