Confession, USA

Eve by Auguste Rodin, Cardiff Museum

With the knowledge that God’s compassion is bigger than all our sins, let’s pray together.

Forgiving God, we admit that we don’t really like praying prayers of confession.  To speak aloud our imperfection, our failings, our actions that caused harm and the good we refused to do… it makes us vulnerable.  Not only that, but we sometimes feel we’re too much on display, or we can’t really mean it when we speak rote words from a page.

Yet we know thath holding things back allows them to swirl in our minds, in our hearts.  They continue to wound us because we don’t acknowledge them.

So God, make this prayer a beginning.  Guide us to speak aloud the things we must confess in order to find wholeness.  Forgive us, even though those words are sometimes so hard to say.

from First Congregational Church, Bellingham, Washington USA