Contributors – artists & photographers

Photo by Warren Lynn

Whose paintings, photographs and drawings will you find on Worship Words?

In alphabetical order (by surname/last name) …

Hugh is an avid photographer.  Many of his photographs appear throughout Worship Words.

A selection of Hugh’s photos found on Worship Words:

Fiona, member of Salisbury United Reformed Church, Wiltshire UK, captures the beauty of the Wiltshire landscape as she rambles along the footpaths near her home.

Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Thandiwe serves in ministry at Lovedale United Church of Christ in Lovedale, Colorado.
Many of the photos on Worship Words are through the discerning lens of Thandiwe’s camera.

A selection of Thandiwe’s photos found on Worship Words:

Mandla & Claire have shared images capturing family moments, the beauty of New Zealand and worship images from Hong Kong.

Writer and minister in the United Reformed Church in Great Britain who cares about words and images.  Ana established and edits Worship Words.

A selection of Ana’s photos found on Worship Words:

Jhonathan captures the joy of life in his photos of children and family.

World traveller, Carol captures the ordinary and the extraordinary through her lens.

Roger Lynn is an ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) tradition.

Warren Lynn is an Ordained Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) tradition. Through photography, contemplative and other spiritual practices, he seeks to offer diverse resources to facilitate others’ connection with all that is holy. One resource he offers is his Well-fed Spirit Website. You will find his stunning photos throughout Worship Words.

Tony worships at St Mark’s United Reformed Church in Greenwich, London, UK. His photos are from a series taken at a French cemetery.

John, of Norwich UK, has created a series of ‘Watched Words’.

Lynn is avid photographer in Melbourne, Australia.

In her paintings, Antonia blends ‘the divine with the mundane’. (Used with permission)

Apologies, but there are no posts to display.

Teresa’s weekly walks through the wilds of Victoria, Australia, result in fabulous photos.

Ben, a member of Kirkland United Church of Christ in Kirkland, Washington, records the life of the congregation through photography.

David shares his brilliant ‘ColourWeaving Prayer’ images using light patterns created on his computer.

Read more about David’s ColourWeaving prayers: