Creation Communion — Ana Gobledale, UK

These communion prayers focus on creation.

They might be used to celebrate Earth Day or during the Season of Creation.

Genesis 1:1-19


Order of Service

Words of invitation
Words of confession & assurance
Words of remembering: the communion story
Words of gratitude

God of creation and transformation,

for this time together around this table,

we give thanks.

For the power of this meal, this simple bread and juice,

to unite us as the Body of Christ,

we give thanks. Amen.

Sharing the bread and juice

Words of thanksgiving

Amazing God, creator of us all,

even in the expanse of your universe,

you know each of us.

Thank you for your presence in our lives today and each day.

Thank you for uniting us through this meal,

with the bread of life. Amen.

Closing words

God, creator of all that has been, all that is, and all that shall be,

we celebrate your endless creation.

Open our minds and hearts to your mysteries.

Thank you for making us who we are,

and bringing us together today.

Illuminate our path that we may shine as your beloved children.