Creative cosmos dance — Stephen Best, UK

    Dancer by Frank Richards

We open our hearts to
The God that is within, around and beyond
This God we know, glimpse and are yet to discover
Whose voiceless words invite us
Personally, intimately
To a creative dance across the cosmos
And yet this very magnificent God
Is also waiting to be discovered in
Refugee campsite, rundown shopping centre,
War-torn suburb, rancid rubbish tip
where barefoot children play
Asking that we redress the inequalities of life.
And so, in this moment
We ask God
To search us and know our hearts and thoughts
Prick our conscience
Where we could
Love more generously
Live more humbly
Act more justly
So that the world we want to see
Comes nearer
For the sake of love, in the power of love, in the name of love.