Dangerous liturgies — Simon Cross, UK

Explore Simon’s ‘Dangerous liturgies’ written during Covid-19 lockdown, and free to download and use.

‘As always please feel free to copy or use the poem in prayer or liturgy.’ – Simon Cross

Simon explains: ‘During ten weeks of the UK lockdown, my friend Andy and I produced a weekly ‘liturgy’ (in this case: a curated collection of poems, prayers, illustrations, photos, songs, reflections, meditations and much more besides). We were supported in the project by dozens of talented individuals who gave us pieces of their work to use, in some cases making new pieces of work, in others allowing us to use work that has appeared elsewhere. All of them are from a range of different backgrounds and perspectives, combined together they seem to bring a mixture of comfort, provocation, inspiration and perhaps a bit of intrigue.  These sheets are free to download. They are designed to be used on your own, with those at home, or in an online group – whatever you can think of really.’

A note from Ana, Worship Words Editor: the liturgies include a variety of resources, not all of which include inclusive language.  

Visit Simon Cross’s blog — ‘Researching and writing at the intersection of spirituality, well being, mental health, social science and theology.’

Simon Cross is a writer, journalist, activist and academic, currently investigating ways in which spiritual capital may be said to develop in post secular society, looking particularly at the motivation that underlies participation in activity for the common good.

Born in Scotland and raised in rural Northumberland, he went on to study Politics and Sociology before embarking on a career in journalism.  Simon is currently writing a PhD, having previously been awarded postgraduate qualifications from Staffordshire University and Lancaster University.

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