Describing God, children’s message — Ana Gobledale, UK

Materials:  a seashell — ideally with twists and hollow spaces

If used in summer, take advantage of any connection available to the seaside.

What’s this? [a shell]
What words might we use to describe it? – pointy, smooth, hollow, full of air, hard,
When we look at the shell from different angles, we learn more about the shell.
Which part is the real shell?   A shell is still a shell from any angle.

What is God like? What words might we use to describe God?  Let the children respond.

God has different characteristics, just as the shell does.  When we look at God from different angles, as we consider God in different ways, more about God is revealed.

  • Jesus shows us how God is a friend, a defender of the poor, a healer.
  • The spirit shows how God is everywhere like the wind.
  • Thinking of God as a mother shows us how God is a creator, a creator of life.

No one description of God tells us everything about God.
God is still God, from any angle. From any angle, God is still God.

Pray with me.  God, you are so many things to us.  Thank you for always being God.  Amen.


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