Discern — Sam Goodman, UK

by John Potter, UK

So how do I know what you intend for me?
What can I draw on to find the strength that I need?
What word can comfort, what arms can embrace
So I hear your words calling and look at your face?

So how do I go from where I find myself now?
How do you mend me, what healing will I allow?
When will I learn to be patient for your will?
As I battle through the noise to find you here still

How will you call me, how long must I wait?
Will you tell me the moment, will you set out a date?
How do I know that I’m part of your plans
When I miss all the clues and I misunderstand

I know you’re generous I know that you’re kind
In the welcome of strangers you give peace of mind
I’m ready to trust you, I’m ready to learn
You just want to recall me, please let me discern

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