Disciples Prayer — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

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PDF Disciples Prayer by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

WORD Disciples Prayer by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Holy One whose name we honour and praise,
When we laugh, you laugh with us.
When we weep, your tears wash over the earth.
You know the joys and sorrows of our hearts,
Our efforts for change and our resistance to it.
We seek a time when Your ways become our ways,
A time when our hopes for reconciliation,
Peace and justice become reality.
Spirit of Life, today we ask for enough:
That the food we have may be enough,
That the money and possessions we have may be enough,
That our achievements and successes may be enough.
That we may be enough.
Lead us from the temptations of wanting more
To the contentment of having and being enough.
Even as you sow the seeds of discontent
That move us to change systems
That give some too much and others too little.
Help us to forgive others and ourselves
When we disappoint, neglect, or harm.
For your grace is enough for all of us.
By your creativity, the universe was born,
And in your love, we are sustained. Amen.

Cairn Christian Church, Lafayette, Colorado USA, incorporates in their Sunday worship different versions and interpretations of The Lord’s Prayer.  These come from a variety of sources including the church members. This prayer, written by one of the congregation’s ministers, was shared in worship in October, 2015.

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