Do not be afraid, Advent reflection, Matthew 1:18-21 — Debbie Haseman, USA

Matthew 1:18-21 — Joseph’s Dream

How often do you hear a voice telling you to not be afraid?

Maybe it isn’t a “voice” exactly, but maybe more like a sense of something bigger than yourself.

We live in times where there is much to fear.

And, yet, I often find myself wondering about all times.

There has always been much to fear.

And, there are always many wondrous, beautiful, kind, loving, grace-filled, and brave responses to the fearful and tragic.

We can listen and open ourselves to the “voice” or the “presence” of love and compassion.

Or we can turn away and hide in fear.

‘Do not be afraid,’ the angel said to Joseph.

Creative and loving presence, please show me the way to be fearless in this world.

Debbie Haseman is a member of Cairn Christian Church in Lafayette, Colorado.

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