Drawn Up — David Long-Higgins, USA

Loving God,
Draw everything of me
Into the mystery of You
Bending the barrenness
Of winter’s weary wait
Toward Your leading light
Hinting at things to come.

Let everything of me
Be swayed toward You
Resisting every wind
Of the world’s uprooting
Often blowing within
Daring to break my resolve
To follow Your Christ-love
Wherever it may lead.

Yes, redraw me,
Heart, mind, and soul
Giving strength to consent
To Your Love alone
Bearing me up for growth
Of fruit not yet ready
Yet forming even now
In ways You make possible
In some grand mystery
Of beloved becoming.

Yes, form me
In the in-between
Where night and day
Winter and spring
Touch each other lightly
And hard lines fall away
In the warp and weave
Of Your unfolding grace.

Yes, draw me up
Even as root is deepened
That every outer work
May be grounded deeply
In the soil of Your love
Growing gentle flexibilities
Bearing strong resilience
Necessary for every wind
Of the world’s wintry making.

Photo by David Long-Higgins

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