Ezekiel 37, Dry bones, a prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Fifth Sunday in Lent – Year A

2 April 2017



God of life, hear my prayer.


Withered, cracked, pale

Sometimes I feel like a pile of old bones

Dry, brittle, broken

Sometimes I feel as though all hope is lost.


Dry bones, hear the word of the Divine!


Your word of mercy, peace and justice

Shakes me into being

Fills me with hope and purpose

Empowers me to rise renewed and re-charged


I will put my spirit within you


I am who I am because you have created me in your image.

I rejoice because your spirit courses through my veins.

I love because you loved me first.


and you shall live…


Thrust me into the day with eagerness and delight.

Use me as your own, for my life is yours.

God of life, hear my prayer.


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