Earth Day confession & repentance prayers — Justice Ministries, USA


Earth day is 22 April.

Earth Day resources from Justice Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA




Prayer of confession

God of all Creation, we come to you in a moment of personal and corporate confession.

We participate in a system which is exploitative and violent and which separates humanity from the rest of Creation.

By acts of omission and commission we cause harm to others.

At times we are guilty of complicity, passivity and denial, at other times of abuses of power.

We hear the cries of both our fellow humans, who are already living in the midst of extreme poverty  and hunger,

and the cries of all Creation.

We know we bear responsibility for the pain of both, and we know the impact one has on the other.

We confess our complicity in the plight of all of your Creation, and beg your forgiveness and mercy,

that we may do better to follow the way of you who creates.



Prayer of Repentance

Creator God, have mercy on our wayward world, tottering on the brink of self-destruction.

Have mercy on the rulers and statesmen who bear the ultimate burden of government.

Have mercy on our nation as we face our share of responsibility.

We recognize that we have allowed the values of consumerism to override the permanence of your Creation,

and cause us to act in ways that damage your Creation and wrap your children in the cycle of poverty.

Have mercy on us all and grant us your forgiveness.