Easter Prayer — Tod Gobledale, UK

Good news!
Christ is risen!
The stone is rolled away, life has triumphed.
We sing our hymns of rejoicing to you.

Even as we rejoice, we pause.
For we know all is not right in the world.
You are crucified again and again, laid in a grave, a stone sealing your tomb.
You weep with children who hunger and thirst for basics of life.
You weep with the elderly — neglected, forgotten, alone.
You weep with the victims of violence.
In them you are crucified anew.

In our baptisms we die to an old way of life and are born into new life in you.
We rejoice as you call us by name.
We are not afraid
Not afraid to work for justice,
Not afraid to say, “This evil shall not stand.”
Not afraid to say, “No longer shall the powerful go away sated and satisfied and the weak go away hungry and hopeless.”

Swell our hearts that they might be full of love.
Open our eyes that we might recognize you in our world.
Unplug our ears that we might hear your cries.
Strengthen our hands that we might reach out.
Fortify us that we might have the courage to face the task
Empower us to truly follow you.

Good news!
Christ is risen!
Christ is risen indeed!


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