Easter season intercessions — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Individual candles may be distributed to be used at the close of the prayer.

Hope of all hopes, God of new life, of resurrection, we come before you this Easter season, our hearts rejoicing in you.  And yet, despite our joy and hope, we feel the darkness around us.  God, may we know your healing presence in that darkness, and may your light shine in and through us.  Comfort and strengthen us that we may be beacons of your light to those around us.

Mysterious one, you walk among us, but do not always recognize you in our midst.  Open our eyes to you.  Open our ears and our hearts that we may see you at work in our midst, through our neighbours, in our community.

Source of all power, we pray for our leaders and the leaders of the world at large, that they too may recognize you in unexpected places, that instead of vying for power, they may strive to work with and for their constituents, that they may recognize the value of life of people near and far.  We especially pray for the leaders in [locale of any recent natural or other disaster] as they lead folks in the daunting task of re-imagining and rebuilding their lives.

Maker of the universe, as the world around us bursts into life and colour, we rejoice in your creation.  Help us to be good stewards of our home, the earth, that we so often take for granted.  May we, with awe and wonder, care for your creation: the land, water and air that sustain and nourish us.

Source of comfort and peace, we ask that you be with all those who suffer.  We lift up those who have lost loved ones: through illness, old age, disaster or violence.  We pray especially for those who have lost family and friends in the [include any recent disaster] this past week, those in the middle east whose lives are punctuated by war and unrest, and those here in our cities, for whom violence is an unquestioned part of life, children who walk to and from school fearing for their lives and safety. We ask for your comfort and peace in the face of the fear, anger and grief of loss.

Light of the world, you hear all of our prayers, those spoken aloud and those whispered only in the silence of our hearts.  Cast your light upon us, gracious one.

If prayer candles are being used:

Together with the many silent concerns and intentions within our hearts, in peaceful silence I invite you, when ready, to place your lit candle at the [foot of the cross/ or other location].