Hopeful brokenness, in response to a bombing — Ana Gobledale, UK

Written April 2018 during a time of personal reflection in the Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral, UK, following the bombing of Syria by the US and the UK.

Darkness descends
How did it come to this?
God groans
The world whimpers.
We cower
Fearfully crying out, ‘Which way?’
What about our grandchildren?
Follow the light.
Follow peace.
Into the brokenness.
Fear not.
Into the unimaginable.
Cling to faith.
I tremble.
I falter.
God, shine your light down a different path.
I’m afraid of the cracks.
I’m afraid of falling.
I want to say the way is unclear,
But, in truth, the path is clearly lit,
Into the brokenness
With you.

These are images from Ely Cathedral’s Lady Chapel, built 1349, which ‘reveals the damage done to the Cathedral during the reign of Henry VIII. Satues of saints were removed, windows broken and figures in the alcoves were beheaded. It is a place of brokenness, reminding us of our broken world, and of Christ’s body, broken…on the cross.’

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