Epiphany Prayers of Intercession — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Prayer lights, Kathmandu — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Loving God,
We gather as your people
Seeking your presence, your comfort and your love.

In this Epiphany Season of light
Shine your light upon us –
Into the recesses of our spirits,
Those places where we experience anxiety, depression, fear and despair.
This morning, we lift up in particular all among us who are grieving.

God of grace and healing,
Shine your light upon us –
Into those places of conflict and tension
In our families,
In our friendships,
In our work and community relationships.
May your light be a healing balm,
Bringing with it forgiveness and reconciliation.

God of connection;
Shine your light upon us –
Onto the common human ties that bind
All of your people together:
Neighbour and stranger, friend and enemy alike.
In your light,
Remind us that you have created us all of us
In your image, unique and beloved by you.

God of power and mercy,
Shine your light upon our nation and its leaders
That they may govern justly and wisely.
Taking into account the needs and concerns
Not just of the most wealthy and powerful,
But especially of those who are poor,
Those who struggle with physical and mental illness,
Members of the LGBTQ community who must fight each day simply to be themselves,
Those who fear for their families because of financial hardship or immigration status,
Those who are forgotten and forsaken.

God of compassion and peace,
Shine your light on all the places
around the world
Where violence and war are found:
In [Chicago and Fort Lauderdale;
In Jerusalem, Istanbul and Baghdad;
In Aleppo and Ukraine and South Sudan] [Replace with names of places currently enduring violence and war.]
And in places we cannot name or do not know.
With your light
Bring peace to those who languish
In fear, violence and despair.

God of goodness,
We thank you for the light that shines –
The light that we see
In the glory and wonder of your creation,
In icy peaks and snow-white meadows.
Thank you for the light that shines
Through this community and its members, young and old, who remind us of your presence
in tears and laughter, teaching and learning,
order and disruption, work and play.

Shine your light upon us
And around us,
And within us,
That we, too, may be a light to the world.

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