Exodus 20 Prayer — Merryl Blair, Australia

Inspired by Exodus 20.1-17
Third Sunday of Lent, Year B

Our God, you are always creating.
It is easy to see and to praise the wonders of nature,
perhaps not so easy to see and praise the wonders of complicated human relationships.

Help us to see your glory in the face of all people we meet:
the beautiful and the odd, the faces we love and those that disgust or infuriate us.

We pray that we may continually work in harmony with your creative action:
in honouring those around us;
in appreciating our work, and the work of others;
in advocating for safe work practices for all;
in allowing ourselves and others to rest;
in giving ourselves space in which to encounter you, in all our moments and days;
in living in balance with our neighbours far and near, human and non-human;
and in recognising the holy in every place and interaction.

Help us to be satisfied with what we have, to share with those in need, and not to envy those who have more.

For you journey with us into freedom, calling us towards wholeness and holiness.

We praise and thank you for the vision of reconciled, flourishing community for which we continually recommit our labours.


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