Faith of Metaphor and Mystery, hymn — Bronwyn Angela White, Aotearoa New Zealand

tune:  Regent Square by Henry Thomas Smart

A wedding version of this hymn, adapted for Bronwyn’s daughter’s marriage and suitable for same-sex partners weddings  can be found on Bronwyn’s website.

Faith of metaphor and mystery
Christ of paradox and pun
Sure foundation, revelation
Many facets of the One
Sacred found in the familiar:
phase of moon, and blazing sun.

God of living, dying, rising
Goddess: maiden, mother, crone
Word of sages, rock of ages
Love transforming hearts of stone
Meaning made in the familiar:
spirit, body, breath and bone.

Passover and visitation
Parable and playful jest
Seeking, finding; losing, binding
Exodus and hero’s quest
Sacrament of the familiar:
open door and welcome guest.

Life in all its many stages
Sense and senses, heart and head
Meditation, celebration
Hope new-risen from the dead
Meaning found in the familiar:
making peace and breaking bread.

Bronwyn’s writings are free to use  licensed under  the NZ Creative Commons License which means ‘anyone can use, adapt and share my writing, with acknowledgement’ without the restrictions of copyright.

More of her liturgical writing is available on her website ‘Words of spirit and faith‘ which includes ‘liturgy for faith communities or personal reflection, created for southern hemisphere, south pacific & specifically kiwi celebrations and seasons.’


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