Falling into temptation, the Lord’s Prayer anew

‘Shadows of the Wanderer’ by Ana Maria Pacheco, UK

Ever felt uncomfortable praying ‘Lead us not into temptation’?

Ever wondered why God would need to be asked to refrain from leading us toward that which tempts us?

The French Catholic Church (Bishops, March 2018) has altered their translation of this troubling petition to read: ‘Ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation.’  In English: ‘Do not let us fall (or enter) into temptation.’

Pope Frances has endorsed this modification, explaining: ‘Do not let me fall into temptation because it is I who fall, it is not God who throws me into temptation… A [parent] does not do that, a [parent] helps you to get up immediately.’

Our Creator, do not let us fall into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen.

Sources: The Week and The Catholic Herald


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