First Responder Blessing — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

created by John Potter, UK

Written to mark the 20th anniversary of 9-11

You have generously devoted yourself to helping others — thank you.
Your work requires you to be prepared for whatever comes: You make difficult and complicated decisions, often in a split second.
You put yourself at risk to serve your community — often encountering those among us who are the most vulnerable and most volatile.
You regularly confront the brokenness, evil, and suffering around us.
And so we offer you this blessing:

May you have courage when you are afraid;
Wisdom when a quick decision is required;
Strength when you are weary;
Curiosity to keep learning and growing;
Peace as you encounter pain and suffering;
And compassion in all that you do.
And may you return safely home each day,
Knowing that you are loved.

Blessing for a vehicle:
Keep all those within safe from harm
And to all those served:
Bring assistance, compassion, and hope.


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