Flowering Prayer — Donna Cooney, USA

Women taught me to pray.
Fold your hands
Bow your head
Close your eyes
were their gentle Sunday instructions.
I was a child in the company of women planting seeds.
For years I folded inward and prayed.
In the dark
Chin lowered
Hands together
I was tightly sealed,
Yet there was life: the seeds became a bud waiting to flower.

One day I lifted my head during prayer.
Hands tightly clasped
And eyes closed
I turned my face upward
And felt Light shining in me.
Caressed by warmth the flower began to bloom.

My hands are unfolded now, breaking with tradition.
Placed gently on my lap
My face and my palms turn up
Waiting for God to touch me
I am not disappointed.
I am a flower, beautiful and blooming, preparing to seed.

In Reflection:
1. What is your normal posture during prayer?
2. How have your times of prayer changed over the years?
3. If you were to assume a different prayer position, what would it be?
4. Take a moment to sit quietly with your face turned upward. Imagine the Light of God shining on you. What is the message that God is speaking to you?

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Creator in heaven. – Mathew 5:16

Reflection: from ‘Prayers for Women’s Week’, Common Lot, 2011, Page 13, United Church of Christ USA, www.ucc.org/women.commonlot

Featured image: ‘Dahlia’ by Phyl Austin, Australia

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