From Hopelessness to Hope, A Poetic Interpretation — Angie Combs, USA

Inside hopelessness

Nothing more,
impossible to be less
silence, deafening
Only fears and despair
Echoing off cavern walls
I’ve been there,
lived there
Have you?
A hole so deep,
so cold
No one to hear the screams
longer the stay
deeper it becomes
The darkness becomes thick
Suffocating hopes
Choking out dreams
eyes scan the darkness
Searching for light
Searching for escape

it happens
So small, almost missed
Like the tide as the moon rises
Darkness begins to retreat

What is it?
What is loosening the grip,
The stranglehold,
The suffocating power
Of darkness?
This tiny beam of light
Boring its way through the thick fog
Is hope
Like an ant,
Small and overlooked
Carries with strength ten times its size
You reach out to it
Desperate to escape
The ground slips underfoot
Fearful thoughts tug at ankles
Pulling deeper into the mud

A voice, far in the distance
“stand there
Stand on that rock”

feet firmly planted
standing tall

Faith, Steadies weak knees
Raises higher
Light brightens
The darkness becomes shadows

Still looking up
Longing for a rope
A ladder
A hand
To pull up and out

The voice calls again

Where? You ask
I am stuck here
In the hole
With the darkness
Eager to come back
To strangle
To suffocate

You hear again
Looking down
Toward the cavern wall
a place
Where shadows have retreated
Where hope’s rays have landed

You take a step
The rock of faith
Stretches out in front
Firm, supportive
With each step
Hopes shines brighter
The darkness, fringed

Looking back
It becomes clear
There was never a hole
Never a cavern
Never an inescapable abyss
It was only the darkness
A prison of its own

Lifting up hands
Beams of light from your fingers
You hear the voice say

With each step
Hope shines
Beams of light
Into the dark prisons
Scorching out darkness
Melting cold grips
Like the guard with the keys
Walking along an endless row off dark cells
And glancing behind
Beams of light
Shine in all directions

We shall all be free
Free of the despair
The silence
The loneliness
For when we each walk
Grounded on our faith
Bearing our light
We become hope for others
Hope that shines
Hope that encourages
Hope that brightens
So that one day
Perhaps, soon
The prison will be empty
The fear will be gone
And hope shines upon
All whom the darkness threatens

The hope
Of our world.

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