Gather, God’s people! — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Gather, God’s people!

We seek to be here, fully and completely!

Yet often we find ourselves distracted by questions:

How can I be successful?

How can I be wealthy?

How can I get more ‘likes’?

We get caught up wanting answers:

Why me?  Why not me?

Who is the greatest?

We seek, to be here, God, fully and completely!

Quiet our minds and hearts.

Steady our breath and still our bodies.

Direct us to your wisdom,

To creation’s wisdom,

To each others’ wisdom,

To the wisdom of our children. 

Empower us to welcome all children in your name.

Embolden us to welcome you, O Christ.

Hold our questions gently.

That we might be present fully and completely.

Transform our lives, that with you,

We might transform the world. 

Let us worship our God!

Photo:  Women’s Christian Fellowship worship service at St John’s Mtendere, Zambia – taken by Ana Gobledale

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