Gather us, World Communion hymn – Sam Goodman, UK

Communion table by Warren Lynn

Celebrating World Communion Sunday, first Sunday of October

Tune: Abbot’s Leigh (Glorious things of thee are spoken)
Inspired by morning worship at Abbots Road United Reformed Church, Leicester

Gather us, let your spirit move us
Breathe love so it inhabits our hearts
Where you meet us, we feel encouraged
When you lead us, our new life can start
Bring your gospel message to teach us
How to live your Word in this place
May our lives be ready to serve you
In those we meet may we see your face

Let us share the gifts you have given
So that all have enough for their needs
Lead us to a fairer communion
All are equal, there’s no place for greed
Joined together, ready to serve you
Share your justice so all are free
Bringing redemption save all your people
Meet us as children and family

Lead us to the throne of your mercy
Where we humbly kneel, clothed here in awe
You invite us all to your banquet
This is what you have welcomed us for
All the hymns that we raise in worship
All the prayers that we bring to you
Echo the love you shower upon us
Revive, refresh us to serve anew

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