Gathering prayer — Commitment for Life, UK

‘Commitment for Life’ is the global mission support and advocacy group within the United Reformed Church in Great Britain.  It’s name might be replaced in this prayer by the mission arm of another church or faith group.  Also, include relevant specific ‘mission partners’, again making necessary alterations to the text.

Creator God,
you pour your love persistently into all creation,
making the earth fruitful and life joyful.
We rejoice in your commitment to humanity,
your giving of breath and bodies,
of creatures and climate,
of beauty and love and hope.

God in Jesus,
you walk boldly and comfortingly alongside us.
We rejoice in your saving love,
in your overflowing and generous grace,
and in your love for all peoples.

God in Spirit,
you call us into unity with others.
We rejoice as you blow upon cities and villages,
fields and mountains,
warming communities around the world,
empowering God’s people
to overcome self and to love radically.

Thank you for [Commitment for Life],
a light shining in the darkness of our world,
which through our gifts, extends your life-giving embrace around the world.
We pray for our [Commitment for Life] global partners
in [Bangladesh, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Zimbabwe].
Open our ears and hearts to their voices
and to your message for us this morning.
May our commitment be deepened and our lives renewed.

Bless our time together in worship
renewing us to be your light in the world.

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