God, I Cannot Call You Father, song — Linda Allen, USA

Tune: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing , by J. Wyeth 1813

God, I know you as a spirit
Blowing through me like a wind
You are the spirit of the water
You are the source, you are the end
God, I know you as a mother
Giving birth to all I am
But I cannot call you Father
And I know you understand

God, how many names we’ve called you
Great Jehovah, Great I Am
You are the lion, you’re the shepherd
Mother Eagle, gentle lamb
And Jesus called you “Abba”
He knew Joseph’s loving hand
But I cannot call you Father
And I know you understand

And now I hear the hymns around me
Heavenly Father, Lord of hosts
And the child is blessed with water
Father, Son and Holy Ghost
But how many father’s daughters
Feel like strangers in this land
Silent tears to bear the sorrow
God, I know you understand

Repeat verse 1

© Linda Allen  — Many thanks to Linda who has given Worship Words permission to print and share these lyrics, a song on her CD, Lay it down: images of the sacredClick here to find these lyrics on line on her website.  Please cite Linda as the author of the lyrics.  To discover more songs written by Linda, click here to explore her extensive website.

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