God, I’m trying — Louise Gough, UK

photo by Ben Ulrich

God loves a try-er

or so ‘they’ say.

And God,

you know that I’m trying.

But somehow

I never feel good enough.

There’s always something

just beyond my reach;

something I can’t get right.

And somehow

I always seem to let me –

and you –


Living Spirit

uplift me, I pray.

Breathe a warm waft of your love

under my wings

and give me the strength I need

to serve you

and be the person I know I can be.

Help me to accept myself

as I am,

and not compare myself with others.

Show me

that I am wonderfully made,

unique and precious

in the sight

of the One who loves me


and unconditionally.

May there come a day

when I can accept that of myself

and afford the same grace

to others,

especially those

who are trying too!