God of Creation (on reading Genesis 1) — Merryl Blair, Australia

Our God,

We come before you with minds, hearts and eyes open

To the many ways in which you reveal yourself to us:

In the colours of autumn,

In the challenges and possibilities of reading your Word together,

In the complexities of the very human lives

From which we have travelled to this place,

And into which we will re-immerse ourselves when we leave.


God of creation,

You invite us to wonder:

To use all our senses to see, touch, smell, hear, and think

As we continue the conversation between timeless truths and

The ever-changing demands of our lives.

In all of our engagement with you,

Keep us centred on the call

To see all of your creation as good;

To recognise every other person as made in your image;

To acknowledge our relationship with sky, earth, water, animals,

And to know you more and more fully

By looking closely, lovingly, at all of these.


Genesis 1 is included in the Sunday lectionary for Epiphany Year B, Trinity Sunday Year A, and Easter Years A, B and C.