God of righteous anger, a prayer — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

This prayer has been written in response to the cover-up of sexual abuse revealed within the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania USA.  Items italicized might need to be updated to be more relevant to today’s worship.

God of righteous anger and holy healing,
We pray for our world
For Ireland and Pennsylvania and Roman Catholics around the world
as more cases of sexual misconduct, abuse, assault and rape by priests
are uncovered. As more dark channels of cover-up are illuminated. We ask for accountability, change and healing, O God.

God of Peace,
We pray for our world
For Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Nigeria
where war has become a way of life.
We pray for reconciliation and your peace that passes all understanding.

God of Creation,
We pray for our world
For ocean and mountain, hill and vale, forest and meadow
and for all the creatures with which we share
this beautiful creation.
We pray for wisdom that we may be faithful and humble
stewards of this beautiful planet.

God of Love,
We pray for our hearts
And all that we hold dear
Family and friends,
Work and rest and play.
We pray for joy and compassion that we may live and share
your love.

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