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Silk banner created by Lorraine Rich, USA

Dear God, lead us on this Lenten journey. May our chosen fasting, giving, and prayer be the light that break forth like the dawn. May we not fast from speaking up and living out your bountiful vision for all in your good creation. — David Shinn

Presbyterians for Earth Care USA has created a 2020 Lenten Devotional, ‘God Provides Enough for All’ with new artwork and diverse writers.  Reflections and prayers are provided for each Sunday of the Lenten season. Click here to access the beautiful Lenten booklet and read the reflections.

Prayers for the Sundays of Lent & Holy Week(Year A)

First Sunday of Lent

Creator God, enable us to see the earth as you see it, as good—even where it is fallen—
and to imagine what we can do as a part of this good creation to serve and preserve the
goodness that you mean the earth to embody. — Jeff Geary

Second Sunday of Lent

Holy One, your world teems with complexity and beauty, and you are “good to all,” human, daisy, and oyster alike. During this season of Lent, we vow to sharpen our focus and soften our hearts so that we can more fully appreciate You as we seek shalom
with one another, your beloved creation. Amen.  —  Carissa Herold

Third Sunday of Lent

Loving Creator, bless us that we might always remember to dutifully care for the seeds
You provide for us to sow. Let us always be aware of Your presence in all of creation
and stay rooted in Christ, who calls us to cultivate Your kingdom in bringing about a
transformed and renewed creation here on earth. — Christian McIvor

Fourth Sunday of Lent

Holy God, help us discern in our thoughts and actions how we might nurture all the
soil of this world and then sow your life-giving seed into it so that your vision of a full
and abundant life might become a reality for all your people. — Shelley Wiley

Fifth Sunday of Lent

God, in all your infinite wisdom, show us your people how to honor your gift of
Creation. Let us not be selfish with our gift, rather allow us to share as generously
with each other as you have shared with us. Let us remember those in this world who
still have not been able to realize God’s abundance because we have taken more than
what we need.  — Kymberley Clemons-Jones

Palm Sunday

God of life, help us to hymn to you as we breathe. Contort the way of the wicked, so that all
may flourish and thrive in the exquisitely beautiful world you have made. — Jacqueline Lapsley

Maundy Thursday

Loving God, you long to restore us to unity with one another and with creation. You long to
heal us and make us whole. Break our hearts open, that we may live into the blessing of the
Cross and the hope of resurrection.   — Anne Downs Richter

Good Friday

Merciful God, in the shadow of the cross, you provide us with the gift of salvation. In your
forgiveness, we learn to forgive. Unburdened by sin, we receive your light. Guide us so that
we may love radically and reflect brilliantly even in darkness. — Bridgett Green

Our Lenten Journey: (from the booklet)

‘Simplicity is key both to Lent and to environmental sustainability.

Lenten tradition suggests a fast from some dimension of the overabundance endlessly surrounding the wealthy: from food, or from a
destructive habit, recognizing our dependence on God for all we have and are. An ecological fast during Lent might involve dining closer to the ground—eating vegan or meatless, or reducing food waste.  ‘It might involve consumer goods—fasting from online shopping, or reducing single-use plastic. Or fasting from cars or planes, walking or
staying put instead. Or from screen time, looking up to observe the vibrant world around us. Or from contributing to injustice, as Isaiah 58 suggests.

‘Whatever your Lenten practice is this year, the writers of these devotions join you in praying that in 2020 we may become channels of God’s peace for the earth and its inhabitants.’