God’s family re-union: for a multi-national congregation — Ana Gobledale, UK

An interactive Children’s Message

I have something in my bag.
What is this? [a globe]
Where are we? [find location]
I was born in ____________________.
Can you find it on the globe?
Where were you born?
Can you find it?
What about your mums and fathers? Where were they born?
Let’s find those countries on the globe.
And your grandparents?

We come from many places.
And today we are all here at ________________ Church.

Why have we come from so many different places to be here today?
[Allow time for children to ponder aloud.]
We are all part of God’s family!
And each Sunday morning we have a family re-union.
No matter where you are, you are always invited to the re-union of God’s family every Sunday!

Pray with me.
God, thank you for having such a big family, big enough for all of us and anyone else who wants to be part of it. Thank you for bringing us together today for this amazing family re-union. Amen.