God’s Garden — Alice Robson, USA

Alice, age 7, shared this poem as part of an eco-service for the United Reformed Church in Great Britain.

This is God’s garden, God wants us to care.
God also has asked, ‘Could we manage to share?’
God’s words plant a seed in our mind
And God really wants us to try and be kind.

Jesus was sent to help us all out.
We can help all God’s creatures if we speak out.
The slow, graceful sloth and the striped bumblebee
Their home is this planet, just like you and me.

The world is so beautiful – don’t you agree?
God’s creation is amazing, as far as the eye can see.
But some mean people and uncaring countries
Have ruined the forests by chopping down trees.

The fish in the ocean have their place too.
But to keep their home healthy, it’s over to you.
The cheetah goes whizzzz and the cow goes moo,
But to keep them alive, it’s over to you.

The elegant, grey dolphins and majestic blue whales
Are being replaced by our waste, our plastic betrayals.
As I look out my window, every day,
Mini- sun daffodils shine as I pray.

Nature is wonderful – even small bugs!
From crimson-topped ladybirds to slithering slugs.
So recycle your waste! Compost old food!
Make yours an eco-church and get everyone in the mood!

We are God’s stewards, we’re supposed to share.
God made us to protect the Earth, God made us to care.
The Earth belongs to God, and everything in it.
Our environment is fragile, so please look after it!

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