God’s table of Love — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

This might be used as a Call to Worship or Call to Communion.

It works as a responsive reading involving the entire congregation or read by 2-3 readers.  It has been written with young readers in mind.

If you’re worshipping on-line, parents might video their children reading this, or audio-record it and play as the background to a photo-slideshow.

British-English alternative wording appears in brackets.

Come on! Let’s Go!

Where are we going? 

To God’s table of love!

What does it look like?

Like a rainbow after a storm.

Like recess [noon break] and lunch with friends!

Like the moon rising and the sun setting and stars twinkling in the sky.

Like grandma’s [Nana’s] hands

It looks like love!

What does it smell like?

Like freshly baked bread and hot cookies [biscuits]!

Like a field of wildflowers.

Like bubbles and pine needles [raindrops]

Like home.

It smells like love.

What does it sound like? 

Like a lullaby and laughter.

Like the church choir singing.

Like kids [children] playing and people praying.

Like you and me. Just like this.

It sounds like love.

What does it feel like? 

Like a goodnight hug.

Like saying sorry when you hurt someone.

Like safe arms when you’re scared or lonely or sad.

Like sitting quietly with your best [a close] friend.

It feels like love.

Come, beloved of God,

Let us gather at God’s table of love!

This might be easily adapted for use any Sunday changing ‘God’s table of love’ to ‘God’s gathering of love’ or ‘God’s family of love’.

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