Grief Interrupted, prayer — David Long-Higgins, USA

A Grief Interrupted — an Easter Pondering, Plea, and Prayer

Loving God, is it true
That grief must always win
Bearing down heavy
In weight of what was
Sucking out life’s breath
At every turn of memory?
Must the upper hand always
Be given to grief’s will and way
Bringing tender tears
In relentless remembrances
Sore and sweet all the same
Turning day into night
Resisting sun’s reminder
Of new possibilities rising?
Today, O Love, resurrect me,
Saying no to grief’s command
Surprising expected sadness
With unexpected morning light
Tearing open grief’s heavy door
Announcing a going forth ahead
Revealing impossible meetings
Made possible by a motion
Only you can breathe to life.
Now, open the tomb of my heart,
Too often pre-occupied
With death’s demands
Disguised as the final word
Unable to see the script
You write even with death
To bring your good will
And Way of Love to life.
Let early bird song
Be a hallelujah,
Each layer of sun
On ordinary sights
An awakening to you
Who brings this new day
As a gift of “yes”
To persistent “no’s”
Commanding attention
Meant for you alone.
O Holy One who bears
Life through death
In ways improbable
Except for your Christ-Love
That rises unstoppable,
Grant my grief a rest
And enliven me again
With your rising
New creation in Christ.

Photo: by David Long-Higgins

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