Healing prayer after trauma — Elizabeth Gray-King, UK

‘Shadows of the Wanderer’ by Ana Maria Pacheco, UK

A prayer for healing after trauma
Easily adapted for a group, e.g. using ‘our’ and ‘us’

God of all time, this time is difficult.
My memories rush at me.
My memories have disappeared as my mind manages each day.
I am aware that others have had times like mine or worse.
But God it feels as if no one has ever experienced what I experienced.
Gracious God, remind me that this is true.
You made us in rich particularity, no one of us truly like another.

I come to you in hope and despair.
We both know that I need to feel more capable, more ready to live my days.
I have tried so much, listened so hard, prayed so hard, practiced hope.
I sit with you now. You know that it feels like a last resort.
I’m sorry about that. I believe you love me and are happy to be my resort.
I open my hands and breathe, deeply, daring to receive your presence.
I am aware of my heartbeat and the opening of my lungs.
Remind me that you gifted my body to feel and process my thoughts.
In this moment, I am attentive.

I place my history in your love. I don’t forget; my lived events formed me.
Grace me with confidence to give the terrible power of my events to you.
Loosen their hold on my presence and liberate my future.
Fill me with love to forgive myself whatever I think I did badly.
Fill me with hope to forgive others where I can.
God of all time, heal me of all that harms me
in the whole of body, my memory and my heart.
I end this prayer in grateful hope.

Elizabeth writes, ‘Shared with all due permissions. Use as you like if you like.’  To read more of Elizabeth’s writing and to view her artwork, click here to visit her blog.

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