Healing wisdom and flower kissing — Anna Blaedel, USA

I believe in mystery.
I believe in magic.
I believe in miracles.
I believe in intuition.
I believe Spirit seeks connection, through stars and trees and soil and flesh and beauty blooming and every movement of freedom and mobilization toward liberation.
I believe divinity is moments of felt connection, resonances that spark and open into Wisdom.
I believe healing is the most sacred, beautiful work we can do.
I believe in the practice of seeking the sacred beauty of and in this world.
I believe the sacred beauty of and in this world makes it a practice to seek us, too.
I believe there is a miracle of healing that wants to grow and bloom, waiting for your, for our, kiss.

Photo by Bruce Shotland, shared in his memory.  Bruce died May 2024.

Read more of Anna’s words on the  enfleshed  website.

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