Help us — Mary Carpenter, UK

Echos of the Jesus Prayer

Loving God, we know that you forgive us our trespasses as we must forgive those who trespass against us.

And yet how hard we find it to follow your loving example in our day to day lives.

Help us to resist the temptations of revenge and retribution and turn instead to the loving kindness of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Help us to forgive others for their shortcomings.

Help us also to forgive ourselves for our own shortcomings, for which we know you have already forgiven us.

Loving God, when we are brought low, you help us.

You save our eyes from tears and you keep our feet from falling.

You are ever-pardoning and ever-forgiving.

Let us reflect your love in our treatment of others, and let us work for justice, reconciliation and forgiveness throughout your peoples.

Featured image is a window at the Julian of Norwich Centre, Norwich, Norfolk UK