Hey God, Wanna Play? — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

A Call to Worship written for young readers —

The lines in bold might be given to very young children to say.

Inspired by ‘Retelling of Mark’ 10 in Children of God Storybook Bible.

All:      Hey God! Wanna play?

Voice 1: God’s too busy taking care of the world,

listening to our troubles and cares.

Don’t bother God.

voice 2:  Wait! Children! Come play!

          I’m never too busy. Your laughter is my laughter.

          Your tears are my tears. Your delight is my delight. 

          You know how to live. How to love. How to trust.

          Children! Come and play!

All:      Yay!


All:      Hey Jesus! Let’s hang out!

Voice 1:  Go away. Can’t you see he needs to rest?

He’s been healing and teaching, feeding and preaching.

Don’t bother Jesus!

Voice 2:  Wait! Children! Let’s hang out!

          You give humanity hope. 

          And play is part of rest. It renews the spirit. 

          Children, let’s hang out!

All:      Yay!

Voice 2:  Come, beloved children of God, young and old,

All:      Let us laugh and play! Let us worship our God. 

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