Holy Darkness, Hold Us — Amanda Udis-Kessler, USA

Salisbury Cathedral at night

This could be read by numerous readers (perhaps passing it around a circle) or in the traditional one/many responsive reading style.  It might be used for a nightime reading with a child or with a group out under the summer stars.

One: Holy darkness, hold us.
Many: Gentle darkness, soothe us.
One: Peaceful darkness, heal us.
Many: Hopeful darkness, free us.
One: Creative darkness, birth us.
Many: Tender darkness, embrace us.
One: Wondrous darkness, nurture us.
Many: Blessed darkness, grant us rest.
One: Gracious darkness, comfort us.
Many: Humble darkness, soften us.
One: Refreshing darkness, restore us.
Many: Sacred darkness, renew us.
All: We give thanks for the darkness from which we emerge and to which we return, the darkness from which light is born, the darkness which is born from light.

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