Home musings — Ana Gobledale, UK

Home is where the heart is.
We remember the bereaved.
Home is where I lay my head at night.
We remember those sleeping in the street.
Home is the hotel midway between here and there.
We remember the refugee.
Home is the guestroom of friends.
We remember the outcast.
Home is the terrace house on the curve in the city.
We remember the exploited kept.
Home is the cabin constant in summers.
We remember those who know no holidays.
Home is the flat where two kittens snuggle.
We remember animals whose habitat is disappearing.
Home is the unlocked gate through which I am invited to pass.
We remember those living behind locked gates.
Home is the hug upon arrival.
We remember those who remain untouched.
Home is eager faces awaiting gifts.
We remember those who live without joy.
Home is favourite food odours wafting and welcoming.
We remember the hungry.
Home is where the heart is.
May we never take ‘home’ for granted.

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