Hope lives, Easter Acclamation — Cara Heafey, UK

This morning we celebrate that hope lives,
that new life pushes up though the soil, green and strong,
that warmth and light return with the sun
as a new day dawns.

This morning we celebrate
that there is no darkness that love cannot reach,
no tomb that love cannot break open,
no depths from which love cannot raise us up.

This is no superficial joy; it is hard won.
The past is not erased, it is written on the body in scars.

This miraculous morning affirms
that all that is broken can be made beautiful,
integrated into new wholeness.

And so, like the daffodils,
we will lift our tear-streaked faces.

Like the blackbird,
we will greet the day with song.

Like Mary, we will feel our hearts swell
with delight that spills over
into Good, Good News:

Christ is risen!

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