Hope — Marcy Gansler Hauser, USA

Empty tomb, John Potter, UK

I remember thinking to myself that losing my son could be a cloud over the rest of my life, or he could be the light in my life.
I made a conscious decision to hope.

Hope is what gets us out of bed each morning.
Hope is what has us peering around the corner to see what’s next.
Hope is that flutter in our heart that gives us courage to go on.
Hope is what brought Z into my life, and so many dear ones.
The world is weary, and it feels even more profoundly so during the holidays.
Let’s shine the light of hope into the lives of others by encouraging them on their journey.
Hope is the ‘you can do it’
and the ‘I believe in you’
and the ‘it will get better.
The light reflected by those we encourage will illuminate our path, too.

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