Fear not — Ana Gobledale, UK

Darkness descends
How did it come to this?
God groans
The world whimpers.
We cower
Fearfully crying out, ‘Now what?’
What about our old age?
What about our grandchildren?

Be not afraid.
Follow the light.
Follow peace.
Into the brokenness.
Into this new reality.
Fear not.
Into the unimaginable.
Cling to faith.
I tremble.
I falter.
God, shine your light down a different path.
I’m afraid of the cracks.
I’m afraid of falling,
afraid of breathing in death,
of touching death.
I want to say the way is unclear,
But, in truth, the path is clearly lit,
as it always is when illuminated by faith.
The path leads into today,
Into the brokenness,
Into the unknowing
With you.

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