Hospitality, Children’s Message — Ana Gobledale, UK

This might be used on Zoom or in a face-to-face service.



  • Sign reading ‘Hospitality’


Do you ever have visitors at your home?

What do you do when you have visitors?

What do your parents do?

  • welcome the visitors
  • Feed them
  • talk with them
  • smile
  • play together?

How do you make visitors feel welcome?

There’s a big word for this — HOSPITALITY.

Do we have any visitors today (here at church)?  Might our visitors please put your hands up?

Let’s all be sure to extend hospitality to our visitors today and make them feel welcome.

Pray with me.

God, thank you for welcoming us all into your house.  Help us welcome others, extending friendly hospitality to them.  Amen.

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