How Love Came to Earth — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

A responsive Call to Worship written specifically for intergenerational worship (works well during Advent)

God, you came into the world weak:
A baby born in a stable,
Sleeping in a feeding trough
With animal sounds and smells all around.
This is how love came to earth.

God, you have made us vulnerable.
Our bodies can get sick and hurt.
Our hearts are easily broken.
Life is not always safe.
This is how love lives on earth.

God, you have also made us resilient.
Bodies can heal.
Hearts can mend.
Lives and communities can change.
This is how love heals us all.

God, your power is made perfect in our weakness.
For weakness breaks us open
And makes room for us to grow and flourish
So that we can be your love

Today, tomorrow and every day.
Let us worship our God.